Anne Robin Psychotherapy
Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Service in Gloucestershire


How I work

Throughout my training and in the ever growing and understanding involved in the practice of counselling and psychotherapy, I have developed an interest in particular theoretical and therapeutic models which emphasise an exploration of an individual's life through dialogue and the telling of personal stories. Through this exploration, we may discover significant events (traumatic or otherwise) or modes or relating (with parents or carers) that may have influenced a person's development and growth and affected their ability to cope with current difficulties.

In the course of this extended conversation, the building of a genuine relationship between therapist and client will allow the identification of patterns, behaviours, cycles, blocks. Also it will allow experimentation with different behaviours and open up the possibility of change. My aim is to help the client find answers that will facilitate this change and offer challenges to their habitual mind sets.

Practically, I generally work face to face with adult clients (18 and over) either in short term, long term or open ended sessions. 

After an initial telephone or e-mail contact, a first meeting or assessment will be arranged where the main concerns and issues of the clients will be discussed and mutual suitability will be assessed. It is very important that both parties are happy to work with each other as a great part of the success of the therapy will rest on the relationship built between therapist and client. During this first meeting, a contract will also be discussed addressing issues as wide ranging as confidentiality and risk assessment, holidays, cancellations, meeting times, fees, etc. 

Working with the ending from the beginning: whether resolution or change, the aim of therapy is to give back to individuals their autonomy and resilience so they can live as full a life as possible. 

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